Premium Black


This purchase includes 20 premium cigars & 1 complimentary bottle of  Old South Merlot-Cabernet Reserve

The Premium Black cigar is exceptionally rich. This is for the mature smoker who enjoys a dark maduro cigar with lots of flavor. Made with generous blends of premium Dominican and Nicaraguan leaf tobacco, it is matched with the Mexican San Andres wrapper and explodes with flavor. Compare this cigar to the best on the market at a fraction of the cost.

Old South Merlot Cabernet Reserve

We are proud to send a bottle of our Old South Wine with every purchase of our signature cigars. Old South Wine is produced by Prince Michel Vineyards and has been bottled to pair with our cigars. It is the perfect blend of a robust wine and quality cigar. The wine is a superb mix of dark cherry fruit and blackcurrant, and is finished with smoke and vanilla. The combination of 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet creates a beautifully dry and full-bodied flavor. The Merlot gives the wine its color and fruit flavor, while the Cabernet gives structure and balance. Each bottle is aged 14 months in a mix of French and American oak barrels.


COST: $140.00

This purchase includes 20 premium cigars & 1 complimentary bottle of wine.